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PRICE DROP! NOS Russian Izhevsk / Izhmash VITYAZ and Saiga 9 9mm Mags KP9 KR9 KUSA

PRICE DROP 03.20.20!

Finally got some spare time to post these up after hiding these away for a while ;)

-First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please!
-CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
-I accept discreet PayPal (no gun words!), USPS Money Orders, or Cash
-If you have any questions, please PM me.
-If meeting up and paying cash, $5 off each mag

For Ban States- Shipping to ban states will be $14 flat for up to 8 mags as I will ship the mags disassembled as parts kits. I will ship at your own risk- no refund if your order is seized.

Have some NOS/BRAND NEW Izhmash Vityaz 9mm mags for sale. All are in Excellent condition with very minor storage wear (very light scuffs or scratches). No rust unless otherwise noted. These are all 30rd 9mm mags

Full size pics here: https://imgur.com/a/RobtViE

These are real Russian Vityaz mags will need the locking tab slightly shortened to lock up in KUSA KP9/KR9's. Easy Peasy with a file, dremel, sharp stick, etc. They will not need any modifying in kit-built Vityaz's.

If you don't want to modify the tab yourself, I can modify it for you for $5 per mag.

These are all built the same way as far as I can tell, have the same steel inserts (tested with a magnet). I'm calling ones with the old Izzy logo (triangle and arrow) "military", the ones with the stylized full Izh logo (triangle, arrow, and lettering), I'm calling "Saiga 9". Again, they are built the same besides the logo stamp.

"Military" Clears - 4x Available [$315 each]
"Military" - 2x Mold 1 Available [$140 each ALL SOLD], 2x Mold 2 Available [130 each ALL SOLD]
"Saiga 9" - 28x (all Mold 2) Available [$95 each]. I'm calling these Saiga 9 mags because they have the stylized Izzy logo. Otherwise they are exactly the same as the "Military" ones. [13x SOLD, 15x Still Available]

"Military" CLEAR / SMOKE Vityaz mags - $315 shipped Each [4x Available]
All excellent condition, no cracks. Metal inserts in the feed lips have the usual little bit of discoloration like all the others I have seen (pictured).

"Saiga 9" mags $95 Shipped Each [13x SOLD, 15x Still Available]
Factory New from Russia, built just like the normal "Mil" mags with the steel feed lips, just had the stylized Izh logo instead of just the Izh triangle. All are in New condition with very little storage wear and NO rust unless otherwise noted.

SOLD 1x "BLEM" - There is only 1x of the Saiga 9 mags that has a slightly rusty baseplate (pictured below), so even though it's otherwise in the same condition, I'll call it a blem - $110 shipped for this one SOLD

Comparing the different types of Vit/KP9 mags:
"Military" Mold 1, "Military" Mold 2, "Military" Clear/Smoke, "Saiga 9", KUSA

The series of pics with the little bits of paper show that they all have a small, very light mark from the mold - obviously does not effect function.

"Military" Vityaz mags - $140 each ALL SOLD
Again, nothing different from the other mags besides the stamp.
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