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North Korean AKM Bayonet?

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Anybody know where to find a North Korean AKM bayonet?

They seem to have dried up.
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Unfortunately, I think you're about two years too late on the draw. J&G Sales used to sell them fairly cheap quite a while back but I'd say all that were available have long since dried up.
I still see them around gun shows here in Ohio. I got one a year ago for $24.
When they were around I didn't want one, now that I do, they are gone, typical!
Just have to keep my eyes open I guess.
A guy I do some business with picked one up for me at a gun show this past weekend :dance: unissued condition! Now I have to clean off all the grease...:zombie:
That's great. lets see some pics once it's clean.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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