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Norinco 84S. Good deal or no?

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I have been given the opportunity to buy a preban norinco 84s. Norinco 84s-3A. 5.56x45 All original. Included are one 5 round mag, five 30 round mags, bayonet and sling. Gun has less than 1000 rounds and is 98%. $925 OTD FTF Does this sound like a good deal???
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That's a fair price, check and see if the bayo has the same #'s as the receive if so much better deal.
Mags are going for ~$35-$50 right now. Five of them could be $175-$250 in value alone.

Chinese AKM bayonets are fetching $25. If it matched the serial on the rifle it would mean a lot more to me than the $25.

So if you are getting a rare Chicom AK in great shape with out a paper trail for no more than $725, then I say you are doing well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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