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new to ak building a few questions

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does the barrel have to be pulled to do a rivet build? if headspace checks ok and I drill out rivets can I reinstall without pulling barrel just by squeezing against barrel? I have a kit that was poorly built and want to re receiver it but don't want to pull barrel if I don't have to as it has already been done once. Where to get correct rivet set for aks 74 with a siderail? Any specific tools necessary(already have most general shop tools)
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I would recommend pulling the barrel. It will not only make removing the old rivets easy, but it's the only way to get the proper crush on the new rivets.

Most of us use a modified pair of bolt cutters for rivet squeezing. I haven't kept up with who's selling these now, but they're out there.

K-VAR has complete sets of rivets from Bulgaria, just like the ones the factory originally installed in the AKS-74's.

what is the factory process for these. I would think the barrel would be installed in trunnion before it is receivered but don't know. It seems to me barrel would make a fine support for rivets as long as they are correct length, but then again I don't know crap about the subject I'm just making assumptions.
There have been homebuilders who have reported using the barrel, already in the trunnion, as a buck to install rivets.

I don't know how well these hold up, and I haven't tried it, but to be candid I consider it to be a Bubba method. If you're really set against pushing out the barrel, try it. If you don't like it, do it over again with the barrel out.

If you remove a barrel from any factory made AK, it's obvious that the rivets weren't done that way. The backs don't touch the barrel.
bubba for sure, barrel is easy as hell to remove, and replace again after riveting the front trunnion. If you really wanna go LOW budget, skimp on a press or a bending Jig, but don't skimp on doing the rivets......just don't.
thanks for advice I will pull barrel was just curious.
Told ya so :) (Old men are ALWAYS obnoxious with that one....)
Take your time and read the tutorials around the web.
It really is easy.
You're a member over at Gunco, aren't you? Check their AK BIY Forum and search the archives.

One of the best resources for basic AK building information I can think of.
Obiwan, you can borrow any tools you need to just pay shipping. I would pull the barrel. You can smash the rivets with a large bolt w/ fulcrum in a press if you don't want to get the bolt cutters or plinker style jig.
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