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Now Free Shipping
Big Price Drop!
Have some NEW Russian Izhmash / Izhevsk AK 103 7.62x39 slab side, AK 101 5.56x45, and Vityaz 9mm mags for sale. True Russian Military mags. Beautiful condition, any mags with defects will be noted/pictured.

-First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please!
-CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
-I accept discreet PayPal (no gun words! gift or +3%) or USPS Money Orders
-If paying via USPS MO, shipping is FREE unless to ban state
-If you have any questions, please PM me.
-Shipping is now FREE

For Ban States- Shipping to ban states will be $14 flat for up to 8 mags as I will ship the mags disassembled as parts kits. I will ship at your own risk- no refund if your order is seized.

AK-103 Slab Side Mags
NOS+ Condition - New Old Stock Excellent Condition with extremely light to no storage wear. As good as it gets!
NOS+3-1: Mold #10 $120 SOLD EngineerFear
NOS+3-2: #10 $145 + shipping SOLD armory74 MO forum
NOS+3-3: #17 $125 SOLD Asian69
NOS+3-4: #10 $130 + shipping SOLD bwc_oh33
NOS Condition - New Old Stock Condition with very light storage wear (very few light surface scratches)
NOS3-1: Mold #15 $107 SOLD bwc_oh33
NOS3-2: #10 $104 SOLD Misfits88
NOS3-3: #17 $107 SOLD EngineerFear
NOS3-4: #17 $104 SPF TAG MO
NOS- Condition - New Old Stock condition with heavier storage wear
NOS-3-1: Mold #6 $125 + shipping (heavier storage wear pictured below) SOLD Eric Cartman

The NOS-3-1 mag with heavier storage wear and wierd ink stamps ^

The NOS-3-1 mag with heavier storage wear and wierd ink stamps ^

ALL SOLD AK-101 5.56x45 Mags These are true Russian Military AK-101 5.56 mags, not commercial Saiga .223 mags.
101- Mold #1 - has some storage wear (pictured), looks like it was inserted, but not used - $130 + shipping SOLD genocide666
101+ Mold #3 - Excellent condition NOS - $150 + shipping SOLD mike_f

Vityaz 9mm Mags
All Excellent New conditon mags, but for some reason only 7 of them have ink stamps (pictured)
Top row are all Mold #2,
Bottom row are all Mold #1 (7 have stamps- 4x "?" stamp, 3x "K" stamp)
$78 shipped each, the 7 with the silver ink stamps are $88 shipped each

close up of the 7x with ink stamps^

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I have been wanting some of those real deal slabside AK103 mags since Columbus was just a cabin boy and now here they are and I am flat ass broke........
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