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FAL G1 Sporter Semi-Auto Battle Rifle

Century Arms has reproduced these main battle rifles from genuine parts sets from the former West Germany G1 main battle rifle. These were assembled with US-made parts to keep them compliant for sales. These are NOT the R1A1 "Frankenfal" rifles made with metric and inch parts on a R1A1 receiver.

- Caliber: .308 Winchester
- Dark grey parkerized finish
- New US-made barrel
- New US-made black polymer stock, handguard and pistol grip
- Factory bipod assembly that folds into the handguards
- New US-made trigger, hammer and disconnector
- New redesigned receiver marked G1 Sporter Rifle (not the same as previous R1A1 receivers)
- Two factory 20-round steel magazines


Henderson Defense Industries, LLC
145 N Gibson Road, Suite E
Henderson, NV 89014
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