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New items from Rusmilitary.com UK

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Preordered two Izhmash .223 30rnd polymer mags from them....

I have no affiliation with FSU/Rusmilitary.com whatsoever, just passing on this information. Note: FSU is located in the UK, keep in mind when importing large quantities into the USA.

AK front sight block with 24x1.5 thread to take flash hider (included), bayonet lug & 2 pins NEW !!! £67-00
SVD front sight & flash hider block with bayonet lugs & 2 pins NEW ! £79-00 <SOLDOUT>
.223 Saiga polymer magazine (10-r in 30-r body - convertable) NEW !!! £39-00
AK siderail with 2 bolts to allow the installtion of NV & telescopic sights in field conditions / unique design also allows it to be installed onto AKM underfolders.. UNIQUE TO FSU !!! £75-00
Saiga-12 front retaining latch, pin, spring & washer £26-00
Saiga-12 magazine to fit magwell / 8-round £79-00
Saiga-12 magwell & hardware £49-00
7.62mm flash hider for AK-104 (Saiga MK - short type) £29-00
Saiga-12 black polymer tactical pistol grip inc bolt / Izhmash £24-00
AK 1000m leaf-shaped rear sight £ 9 -95
Modern AK top cover for receiver / 'smooth' surface NEW !!! £19-95
SVD polymer furniture (fixed buttstock & handguards) £103-00 <SOLDOUT>
AK74/103 folding polymer buttstock £39-00
AK74 'skeleton' steel frame buttstock £47-00
AK74 polymer handguards inc gas tube £29-00

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I got a SVD front sight before they sold out. :dance:
Do you know if the 74 front sight is the 74M model or the older model?
Most interested in these 30rd Saiga .223 mags.

I'd LOVE to see photos when You get em!

Thanks in Advance.
7N6-PS said:
Do you know if the 74 front sight is the 74M model or the older model?

They advertise these....but you might want to check up front...
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gonna send an email to oleg now, I'm hoping the FSBs are at least from saigas.
Oleg says the FSBs are off of the 103 which I would conclude they are off of saigas. The FSBs also come with a 100 series compensator, but I bet there is no baffle in it.
Correct....Saiga "brakes" are modeled after the AK74M brake but without the baffle...

On the upside....AK100 style FSB's are available for those that need them for AK74M, AK101 and 103 builds... The brake you can obtain from Krebs or AKUSA
Hi do you know where i can get this from :) Ak74 front sight and muzzle brake complete
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