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ALL SOLD - Polish AKMS Underfolder parts


Need to sell some extra Polish AKMS parts

First "I'll take it", gets it
Cross-posted so time stamp rules
I accept discreet PayPal (no gun words!) +3% or PayPal gift, or USPS Money Orders
$20 minimum for orders
Will combine shipping, I'll get a shipping quote to you within 24 hours
Offers considered on multiple item purchase

Parts are in Like New/Very Good + (VG+) condition unless otherwise noted. All parts have the original finish as they came with from the factory demil- most have a painted finish, if blued or parkerized it will be noted.

All remaining parts for $80 shipped CONUS- that's over $50 off asking price.
Included items:
Slant Brakes A, B, C, E, F
Gas Tubes A, B
Hand Guard Retainers B, E
Cleaning Rods C, D, E

Muzzle brakes:
A- $5
B- very little finish left - $4
C- very little finish left - $4
D- blued, a bit of finish worn off - $5 SPF
E- $6
F- $6

Gas tubes:
A- serialized -04074 $25
B- parked, serialized -01898 $25
C- VG, blued, looks darker in person, a little bit of wear, serialized -2722 $23 SPF
D- serialized -03755 $25 SPF
E- serialized -07032 $25

Handguard retainers:
A- $25 SPF
B- parked $25
C- blued, a little bit of wear on sling loop $23 SPF
D- $25 SPF
E- $25

A- serialized -074 $10 SPF
B- parked, serialized -898 $10 SPF
C- blued, serialized -557 $10 SPF
D- serialized -755 $10 SPF
E- serialized -032 $10 SPF

Cleaning rods:
A- blued $6 SPF
B- parked $6 SPF
C- $6
D- some wear marks $5
E- no finish left $4
F- no finish left $4 SPF

Handguard sets - all slightly used with some small dents on bottom of handguard from the underfolders, come with pistol grip and screw (no nut):
A- $50
B- $50
C- $50
D- has a few more dents than the others $45
E- $50 SPF

Underfolder stock sets - all have wear with clean demils unless otherwise noted:
A- $65 SOLD
B- messy demil trunnion from picture replaced with no damage trunnion $60 SOLD
C- $65 SOLD
D- $65 SOLD
E- has trunnion marked "B" in pictures $65 SPF

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Did you get a blue top cover? I need one obviously lol.

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Do you have any rear trunnion for sale individually?

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Do you have any rear trunnion for sale individually?

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The trunnions are usually 10 cheaper by themselves. By the parts, sell the rest.
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