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New "30 days of night" made-for-TV sequel???

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I am hoping that someone else saw this- but I was watching TV early last week, around 7-8PM, and I saw a commercial for what looked like a Made for TV sequel to "30 days of night". I KNOW it was a sequel or prequel to "30 days of night", but I dont remember if it was a made for tv movie, or a new series. I also dont remember which Network it was on, but I want to say Spike or FX. Also couldve been TNT or Sci-fi.... not sure.
Anyhow, I remeber them saying that it was going to air on a wednesday evening. Anyone see this commercial???????
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It's a 7 part series made for the Fear network. I saw the first episode, looked well done actually.

It's a prequel.
I hope it becomes available on DVD! That was agreat flick!!!
Hmm. The book was amazing, the movie was great. I wonder how good the series will be.
The movie was awesome! I'll have to check out this new series.
I need to rent it or just buy it,cant believe I havent gotten around to it yet
I also read somewhere that they are planning on a theatrical sequel to 30 DoN.

Any truth to this? I won't be able to watch the series unless it comes out on DVD. No cable.

I liked the movie a lot, never thought Josh Hartnett could act !
Templar- Did you see the Commercial that I described??? It looked as though it took place in a city/town...it looked like the production was a little cheaper, but still, it was a least made-for-TV quality. I
wouldnt have thought it was a 7 part series....but what do i know.
I guess I was just hoping it was a movie. Anyhow, I will go on ON-demand tonight and check it out. Im just surprised I havent seen anymore ads on the TV about it.

Thanks for the input guys, and definately watch the movie. I would say its worth buying too, definately one of those you can watch again, but go to a half price books, or a place that will have it for a good price. I wouldnt pay more than $12-$15. Amazon also has incredible prices for used stuff, but you are buying from individuals. Certain places just stock up high and sell cheap. I used to buy DVDs from Bloackbuster for a rip-off, until I looked around...
I watched the first episode...it takes place in New Orleans.

http://www.fearnet.com/HorrorAZDetail.a ... ID=1078298
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