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< Having trouble understanding what you need/want to do? vs what you actually have now that needs doing?
Did you buy just the rear stock and not the entire set? ( trunnion, stock, latch, pin, etc)

Big difference of course is pin size and actual angle of the stock at the trunnion.
A few parts interchange between the two types, but main components do not. Mix 'n matching stuff probably wont work real well.
I'm sure someone will be long shortly with more detailed info, but that should be the main differences.

I have been trying to warn people previously, that many of these triangle folding stocks being marketed as "bulgarian" "russian" "foreign made" etc by vendors all over, are actually USA &/or Korean made garbage.
Trunnions are way out of spec (too wide) to the point, they cannot be thinned enough to fit into standard ak 1mm receiver, rivet holes wont line up, metal is cheap and other parts left a lot to be desired when compared to originals.
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