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Need opinions on trade/sell dilemma

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I'm not sure why, but I've always had this "thing" for the mod. 99 Savage. Couple years back I found this one in .303 Sav. that I felt I simply could not live with out. I bought it for $450. for no other reason than I loved how it looked. I just love its curvey lines, layout, and overall balance. Never did end up shooting it though..(Try and find rounds for .303 Savage, and you'll understand why.)

Anyway- Here is my strugle at the moment...I have the opportunity to examine a Winchester model 1917 in .30-06 tomorrow. Some may be more familiar with the term "Eddystone." It is priced at $400. Been told its non-matching, but quite nice as far as looks are concerned. Another one of those rifles I've always been VERY fond of. So, should I..

A- Keep the mod. 99, be content with its visual appeal?

B- Dump that thing for sure! Get the Winchester mod. 1917?

C- Do you guys think I could manage an even up trade? I'd do consignment on the Savage. Are my thoughts about prices way off?

Thanks for any input!! :smile:
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First, What serial # range (and letter series) is the Savage in, and also are there any markings on the front bridge of the receiver ring on top, or any setscrews in/on the rear tang?

The reason I ask is all of the Savage 99's that are from about#1- 130,000~ or so are both highly collectible and also DANGERIOUS to shoot. The receivers were made out of an inferior grade of steel, and were also machined in such a way that they were further weakened..

Some collectors (especially on the east coast) are really into these Savages. Some will pay a good bit for them. it is hard to say what it is worth just from looking at the pic, but $450 + is about right in my book. I have hardly ever seen them sell for lower than $375 even in the worst/last cheapest production run and or condition..

Woops, forgot to put serial info... Its in the 169,000 range. I looked it up on a serial # database and found it to have been made in 1915. Im afraid I dont see any letters with the serial, or anywere else.

Only other markings are- SAV .303 right on top of chamber portion of barrel, not the receiver. Also- Savage High-Pressure Steel / model 1899, left side of rear sight.

On the top tang, in back of the little cocking indicator/nub that sticks up, there are to screws. I was assuming they were for a lyman sight or something similar? Dont know if those were factory?
The Mdl you have is probably worth more than a fine example of the 1917 Enfield(no matter who made it(I am a member of the Ohio Gun Collectors Asssociation and there are several members who collect nothing but Savage Mdl 99's who are members).If you can find a devoted collector of these rifles,you will get MORE than $400.00 for it.Don't move too quick on getting rid of it.Check the auction sites(GUN BROKER,AUCTIONARMS etc.)That may tell you more about what you may get if you are patient and take your time to market it.Remember,a lot of gun prices are region based.You may have someone in the the Northwestern U.S who will pay more than in the south or in your area.
Good Luck in your endeavor.
dat85 :smile:
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