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Hi there.

First of all i'd like to present myself.

I am a Swiss collector and shooter, I am 27, and I was recommanded this place on THR forum. I'd like to make a more complete presentation of myself, but I guess this is not the place.

I come to you because I need some help on identificating a couple of AK, and maybe get a good idea of their value.

A long topic has already been made on THR, maybe you want to read it before : http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=387520

Now, to make it short, I have the possibilty to acquire one AK-47 from 2 models, one being a Vietnamese, the other being a Korean..

What makes them appreciable in Switzerland is that those 2 precise models are on SEMI with semi papers, but are actually an old rule transformation, which mean they still have the happy switch working.

plus, they seem to have a milled receiver, which make them more valuable I think. It is my 1st AK (I've started with black powder weapons, gone all the way through guns, till my last SIG-550 and M4 carbine..) and I dont know if I should go for one of these, or maybe for a newer model, half cheaper..

that is a picture of the vietnamese I saw today :

and here is a closeup of the selector markings.. (unfortunately I haven't the left side marking so far.. I've seen them, but I was smart enough to take them down)


here is a picture of the Korea + close up.


i'd love to know if those guns are worth the price, and if it's possible to date them.. I'd love that the vietnamese to be a war era, but I suspect it to be later..

I was asked 1200 swiss francs for each (1100$) when I can get a nowadays Norinco for 700 or a FEG for 750...

What do you think guys ?

thank you very much for your help.
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