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I purchased this 1PN58 on a whim and when I received it, I noticed it look different from other 1PN58s in the battery compartment and brightness dial section. A typical 1PN58 will have a flat section with a hammer and sickle and the brightness dial without ridges above it. However, mine has the hammer and sickle below the brightness setting dial. The dial also has ridges like a 1PN34 dial. The rubber eye piece also appears to be a 1PN34.
I know there are some optic wizards on here so Im hoping I can get it ID'd. Im thinking it might be an early 1PN58 due to the commonality of the parts with the 1PN34. I have some more pictures of the battery compartment and can take more if need be
This optic is also not 100% functioning but IS for sale. PM me for more info.

Below is a photo from russianoptics.net with the 34 on the top in the 58 on the bottom
Heres the link for a larger photo:

This is a close up of my optic

Aaaaand one of my personal rifles for fun
FullSizeRender (1).jpg
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