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need grip

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does anyone know where i can get a Yugoslavian wood pistol grip? i cant find one anyplace.
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i cant bring the ironwood site up,is there a problem w/it. i tried that before i asked the question.

You could to the vendor forum on this forum main page an P/M or Email them to get price and availability. I did that to get pricing on some of their wood.
You can try emailing Matt at [email protected].
o.k ill try that.i got a wood pistol grip,but its Hungarian and i had to go find a longer bolt to make it work.
anyway ii have a yugo so i want a wood yugo grip.i like the way they look better anyway,
no,an underfolder, m70ab2...ironwood has them. ill probably get one from them i just wanted to see if i could find a used one first they are a bit pricey but i dont see any, anyplace else.

the m76 has this grip also and it would probably fit my ak but i cant find m76 grips anyplace either

never mind pic didnt work
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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