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near mint 1939 tula nagant pistol, not rearsenaled

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found near mint not rears. 39 tula nagant for $100. with acc.
now i need help on this, please! saw ex. cond. chin 20 round detach.sks with the orange-red bake-lite for $239.95 can get it for $200. i think this is a great price but the prob. some damn BUBBA removed fold. bay. but left the lugs on barrel! what is the avg. value of that type sks. i am not really used to them! please advise. thanks. :roll: :confused:
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The shift key for capitalization of you first words in the sentence and a question mark after a question, can help in us reading your post.

Not trying to be a grammar Nazi but please put a little effort into it.
He's excited.
I did research yesterday for a long time and am still confused! my nagant has :confused:
on left side of frame a symbol 3 arrows?(haystack?) then the 4 nos. and the same symbol is in front of one chamber on the cylinder has another no.
in front of the next chamber and so on, they do match. it has not been re-arsenaled but century made up a ser. no. for it.
it is the numbers made with dots, starts out 1895xxxxx? i did not see any more nos. anywhere. i believe that is the only place where nos. should be!
thanks! :dance:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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