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mojo100 said:
Looks good

veterosa said:
Beautiful Mach. I hope to get mine soon LOL. Sounds like were going to test fire it this weekend
blackknight said:
Jealous.....Nice build man, let us know how she shoots :animak:
Thank you.

turbothis said:
it is the same thing on abrams tanks. :twirl:
Thanks again Matt for the quick turn-around. You have a big following from us So. Cal. builders. We will be doing more business with you for sure.

CAB said:
Your fast.................Nice job. How hard was that other FS/GB pin to get out?

Thanks CAB. You'll have to ask Matt. He did everything. I did try to punch that pin out but gave up. It was tight.

lordofwar2 said:
what receiver did you use?how did you do the rivits?can you post a pic of the other side.great looking build.
I used an AK Builder flat and "flat head" rear trunnion rivets from KVAR. More pics when I'm done painting.

qbertquartz2 said:
Wow, I think you're the first one to complete one. :party:
You need an 86 sling but I know you don't like slings. :grin:
I think I am, thanks.

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67ratrag said:
Looks like you have a bullet button on it. You in Kommiefornia?
Yep. In addition to the mag lock, the side folder has been locked in the open position, and that's a perm blocked 10 round E. German mag with US follower for 922r.

Check out my other fixed folders.......damn CA.

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stock doesn't look welded to me.... :smile:

the rule in cali is "one" and only "one" evil feature...

new york is "two"

anything more is illigal

so stock saiga's are ok, because all they have is a detach mag...

covert to a pistol grip, u gotta lock the mag in place...

and so forth... new york though, u can have a pistol grip, and one other item, most people usualy go for a detachable mag option. some lock the mag and have a pistol grip and then a folding stock... others have no pistol grip, locked mag and basic A2 style stock on their AR (for example) and have just the bayo lug and flash hider...

its pretty confusing untill you're stationed in one of these shitholes... (politically speaking)

upstate new york has miles of backwoods roads and things to do, cali has great weather and all kinds of cool outdoors too... but both suck for guns...

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Matt did a great job covering the previous gas port. Artty received the measurements and is finalizing the new PBS 5 in these design to cover the barrel hoping to get done tomorrow. More pics to follow when we get the new fake can.
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