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My new workbench!!!

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My wife bought me some pegboard and the assorted hangars, but I still didnt have all the other necessary stuff needed to build my workbench. I've been home nursing my shoulder(torn rotator cuff) so I've been taking it REAL easy. So a lot of my recent projects have been on hold. My son comes home yesterday afternoon with two solid hardwood table leafs, and an old angle iron fish tank stand and said," Dad, you still need a proper bench to do your work on, and I'm gonna build it for you. Think of it as a late fathers day present." I cant express how much I love that kid, and my wife! :grin: He drilled all the holes in the angle iron stand, and bolted the leafs to the top, then added the boards to the back to support the pegboard. He did a GREAT JOB!!

Its already a mess, but hey, almost all my tools are within arms reach now!! I cant complain. Solid as a rock too!! All the hammering I can do with no flex of the table top at all. Thats my practical hanging up there, and all I need now are 5mm and 7mm reamers and I'm pretty well set up!! I'll be heat treating the receiver and ejector next week, and I'll have to figure out the finish options too for it. I bolted a small vise to one side with extra holes to turn the vise in whatever direction I need it in. And on the other end I had him drill holes to mount my drill press. Its not huge, but more than adequate for what I'm doing. The countdown to completing my AK continues. :twisted:

He added the Spawn and Punisher figures to the pegboard, because he said "It just needs thes guys up there watching you build your rifles!" I agree!!
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That's a great place to work. I've been in my house less than a year, I'm still sitting on the garage floor grinding/drilling away! :goof:
I use old drafting tables. they work great
My main work bench is an old 1950's gray steel desk. Atop that is a 2" thick 3' x 5' maple work bench top.

It's all beat up, but wonderfully serviceable!
You've got a good son sir. And a killer work bench. Mine's about the same size, btw, and it's plenty big enough to work on. I've still got to add some pegboard.

Newbie builders should take note of your addition. Nothing beats a sturdy work bench with a thick solid top for this hobby.
The support from your wife and participation from your son is awesome, the 2 figures he apointed as watchmen is over the top!

Sidecarnutz said:
My main work bench is an old 1950's gray steel desk. Atop that is a 2" thick 3' x 5' maple work bench top.

It's all beat up, but wonderfully serviceable!
I have a simular desk, weighs about 300lbs on its own.
haha wtf Reich, does it come with a dozen Filipino child slave labors as well?
This friggen shoulder is really cramping my style when it comes to my projects!! 2 more AR's are sitting there waiting to be built, as well as my first AK, and my right arm is just TOAST! I cant even work a screwdriver at the moment. Its very dissappointing. Tuesday is my MRI and Xray and we'll see what the actual damage is.

Reich, now THATS a BENCH!! I'm just a little jealous, but still quite happy with my new shop addition. I have an old 2 ton car jack and was thinking about making a barrel press jig that would bolt to the bench top. I have all these ideas, and cant actually act on them yet till my arms in better condition. So I guess I'll just fill in my work list and wait for the results. Hopefully I can get back to work on this stuff soon. :roll:
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