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My free stamp gun

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I know, I didn't actually get a stamp.

64 days file to email. Individual paper print tax exempt. Longest form 1 Ive ever had. 300 BO M85 with AKSU length forend. I used a Hungarian stock as I like the drop better.

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Gun barrel

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Wood

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Gun barrel

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Gun accessory
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Where was your outrage when the rest of us were having to pay for stamps years ago?
I'm brand new on this site, and I've always detested the NFA, nothing new here. It would have been nice to have had the same rights as our great grandparents, but it's only going to get worse from here. I was actually thinking about this earlier this morning, and I came to the conclusion that freedom is a personal choice, it's right there if you want it. I have never and will never send money and/or submit to a registry for something that we should all be able to simply buy and own without being harassed. I will own the items that I want to own and not give a shit though.
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But what about the Whiskey rebellion?

I'm an extremist, I'd even declare RIP Freedom 1787.
I'd have to agree the Articles of Confederation were better, however you look at it, it has been a slow erosion of freedom since the founding. The civil war really was the end of the federal system and states rights, then you have Wilson and the progressives establishing income tax and the fed, then the socialist policies and gun control of FDR and LBJ, and finally the last several republican presidents cucking out and signing on to more gun control, and here we are, living in 1984.
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