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My brand new Vector RPK74 don't feed right-problem solved!

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Hi all,
This sucks, I just received my Vector RPK74 and took it to the range today expectiing to have a lota fun. Well I was pretty disappointed. Long story short the mag catch was not in spec-too short I think, causing the rear of mag to sit too low, the bolt just ride over the cartriage instead of picking it up. when it does that the bolt also galls the top of cartriage pretty badly. when I apply upward pressure to buttom of the mag it will shoot just fine, but that's supposed to be unnecessary.

This is my first time experience with Vector products, being a $1k worth rifle I don't think such flaw is tolerable. Is such issues covered by their warrenty? or would I need to pay them or my gunsmith to fix the problem? I would just fix the rpoblem myself if I haven't already sold all my AK building tools, please advice about what I should do in this point, Thanks a lot.
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new+don't work properly+$1000 dollars you spent= call to vector for fix or new rifle! just my 2cents.
First link has good info about another problematic Vector


Second link is part 2 of that Vector story

deaconblue said:
Contact Vector they will make it right
+1. email Rex at Vector and tell him what's going on, he'll make it right.
Glad to hear that the other gentleman's problem was well addressed. my suffer almost exactly the same problem I would say, but instead of just bolt riding over the cartriage and close at battery, it still brings up the cartriage partrially out of the magazine and gall it so bad that the cartriage is unreuseable, as big burrs formed on the case in the process and make chambering impossible.

I called vector and Ginger has sent me a call tag, I will get back to this next week when I come back from my grandma's. Thanks all of you for helping me out, and I will keep the progress posted here.
Ginger is top notch.
I don't have a Vector RPK 74 but I can understand the "expecting to have a lot of fun only to be disapointed" part.

Yeah, call them quick. It is absurd to pay that much for a rifle that doesn't run like the wind out of the box.
Talked to Ginger about 2 weeks ago, was politely asked to box up the rifle with a letter describing the malfunction to help them address the problem quicker, I wrote down how the problem happens and what I believe caused it(pretty much what phreakmode said)attached it to 2 photos I took while the malfunction occured and send the package out the same day I received their return label. I was promised a 2-4 weeks return period and since they are receiving it back today I will begin counting from now on.
update August 11th:
Called Vector today and was told they already fixed it and shipped last friday. That was real fast! I will report here once I got it back.
great glad to hear it. now all ya gotta do is shoot the eyes out of it. :grin:
Finale update:

Received the rifle today at morning, took it to work(in trunk of course) and ran my ass to range asap after work to test her out-ended up she fired 3 45rd mags round by round without a problem! Even better, I received the rifle back within 2 weeks! MY hat is off to Vector Arms ans will definitely buy from them again!
i have noticed stampted are kinda picky on the mag heigth.
any pics?
Thank you for posting that. Many times we don't hear about a vendor making it right for the customer :smile:
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