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Listing cross posted. I am best contacted by EMAIL at draetheusc AT gmail DOT com. I will respond fastest to this compared to PMs. If you are contacting to buy please specify how you prefer to make payment.

General info: Shipping is $9 for ANY quantity of mags, shipping is $15 if buyer wants mags shipped disassembled due to added volume. I ship to all states. Payment via PayPal FF/Gift, Venmo, Zelle, or USPS Money Order. Funds must be sent with NO COMMENT ON PAYMENT WHATSOEVER, if the payment system won't let you send without a comment leave a "." and NOTHING else. Aluminums are SOLD OUT, Molot 45 blacks are SOLD OUT, Molot 40 bakes are $150, Slabs are $85. More details on condition and pics below.

For all mags: These magazines all have an entirely removable piece of steel wire (first picture) sitting inside them that acts as a 10 round limiter for the European market. It literally falls out when the mag is taken apart and is not attached to anything in any way. Springs are full size, mags have no commercial markings, and no modifications whatsoever, 100% factory and full capacity. If you want me to disassemble, remove the wire, and reassemble I will do so at zero cost but the magazine will not ship in its original Russian packaging with documentation.

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1) Izhmash Aluminum Waffle 30 round 7.62x39mm magazines. About 75% of these magazines are in excellent-NOS uninserted condition with 25% having some degree of wear, the worn magazines in the picture are the worst ones I could identify and are still quite nice with no functional damage. All have crisp proof and factory stamps, a few of the worn mags have laser engraved rack numbers. Price is $OLD OUT

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Automotive tire Wood Tread Font Tints and shades

Examples of the more worn mags (approximately 25% of total) you will NOT get one of these at the hand select price.
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2) Molot 40 round bakelite 7.62x39mm RPK/AK magazines. Unissued condition. Various mold numbers, mags I unwrapped randomly all have no Molot markings but its possible that some may have a blank disk or Molot emblem based on the source. No guarantees. Various ink stamps as shown, excellent coloration and patterns. I highly recommend spending 15 seconds with these and rubbing a little CLP on by hand, brings the color out and will preserve the fibers once unwrapped. Highest grade RPK bakelites I've had by far. $150 per magazine.

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3) Izhmash slab side early 30 round 7.62x39mm AK magazines. Unissued condition, in cosmoline. These are unissued electropenciled slab mags in cosmoline. Some have small handling/storage scratches to the bluing and very small spots of patina/surface rust as shown in pictures. Izhmash back stamps and various cool proofs on the sides and spine. Right out of the time capsule. Pictured mags had some cosmoline wiped off with a rag, no other cleaning done, will arrive with more preservative grease in wrap. $85 per magazine.

Camera lens Camera accessory Wood Cameras & optics Lens
Camera lens Reflex camera Camera accessory Lens Wood

4) Molot black ribbed 45 round 5.45x39mm RPK magazines. 100% of these mags are in NOS uninserted condition. The majority are matte black, while some are shiny and a bit plum. I am not offering hand select for color as the plum shading is very slight, I'm calling all of these "black" for the purposes of grading. Various nice ink stamps throughout. $OLD OUT.

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Tire Shoe Automotive tire Tread Wood

Trades list, no guarantees, these are really the only things I'm looking for but you can offer whatever :D (approx. $ value in parenthesis, negotiable):
  • Chinese Norinco bakelite magazines (200-225)
  • Surplus metric steel or aluminum FAL mags (30-45)
  • Molot 75 round drum (unsure, 250?)
  • BM-59 mags (50)
  • HK-33/93 25 and 40 round mags (80-90? Unsure)
  • G3 STEEL mags (8-9)
  • Any Bosnian AK mags (varies by type)
  • Very flakey, brightly patterned, or otherwise unique and unusual Russian plum mags (varies)
  • Glass filled 5.45 bakelite magazines (375-425)
  • AK-103 Muzzle brake, non-demil (175-250)
  • Bayonets for surplus rifles, early Russian AKM, milled Russian AK, G3, Garand (varies)
  • Parts kits, preferably original barrel, for military pattern firearms (varies, partial trades)
  • Military Aimpoint models: M2, M3, M4, M4S, T2, 2000, 3000, 5000, CS (varies, prefer used cond.)
  • Correct and uncommon parts for military AR clones (varies)
  • Russian/Belarussian military optics (PK-01VS, Obzor, Kashtan) (varies)
  • Russian military PSO optic with IR detector (varies)
  • M16A4 model Aimpoint TA31 with 20" BDC (varies by condition and mount)
  • Surplus military type handguns and their magazines
  • Surplus bolt action and older military rifles

Again, you can make offers. I have no interest in commercial or non-clone firearms or their accessories generally.

Thank you!