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Mitchell Arms 75-Round Drum

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Before anyone abuses me :confused:, I did attempt an information search!!! :wink:
I may have found a Mitchell Arms drum, but my questions are these:

1. What should I be looking for (serial number, markings, particular pouch, etc.) ?
2. What should I expect to pay?

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Well, its worthless. Just let me know where its at. I tend to buy junk... :twisted:

From what I gather, it is pretty much like the Romanian ones. Someone else can chime in on that. From the pictures I've seen, the middle small cylinder is usually bare metal (no paint or blueing). Other markings? No idea.

Value? Probably alot if it indeed a Yugo drum. I'd say way over $200. Just me 2 cents...
In Iraq, we found a 75rd drum among some typical Iraqi junk that was painted brown. I could never figure out the origin of it as it had a set of numbers but not like the Romanians and definately not Russian. And the paint looked perfect as if it were from the factory - unless an Iraqi individual/soldier did it which the paint job did not reflect that quality.

I've often wondered if that was actually a Yugo drum as I've heard of another possible one that was found in similar brown paint. It could've made sense on the possibility since so much of their weapons systems there were based on Yugolavian ones.
Thanks for the responses guys!!! :grin:
The drum is in excellent condition but am awaiting more information before I pull the trigger. :mrgreen:
If I do purchase the drum, I will post some pics. :wink:

mittchell drum

i have a mitchell drum & pouch.The drum only has a number & no letter pre-fix.The pouch is a greenish- gray color with tan colored straps.There are 2 straps , with 2 brass keepers that holds the cover on inside & 1 typical strap on the back.The quality is exellent
contact chawkpilot, he has an original. I recall that they were nicely finished in hot blue. I thought they were a clone of the Russian design.

i got mine from don mitchell both were in the original bag & marked as such.All european com- bloc drums are the same in style.The quality and finish is exellent on the yugo
Thanks for all the help guys--- sorry for getting back so late. :wink:
C, I PMed you--- sounds like what you described. :razz:

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