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MAK's w/EG furniture?

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I've seen a total of two now, they're your garden variety MAK-90 but with EG bakelite handguards/grip and a wire sidefolder stock.

Thought it odd to see two done like that, anything to it?

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The furniture once was super cheap...

it got used for a lot of curious applications.

LG :neutral:
Oh, no doubt about it, fully aware that for the most part ya can't even give away EG furniture. Just thought it odd though to see Chinese guns wearin' it. That, and both havin' lever-type folders.

During the high water mark of MAKs, the only furniture to speak of was the EG stuff, then Soupbowl Ent came around. I have seen plenty of MAKs with EG furniture.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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