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SOLD M76 bolt carrier $12 shipped

The next person to claim an item then change their mind will receive negative feedback. If you aren't sure about something ASK FIRST.
I accept discreet PayPal gift or buyer covers fees. Please post an “I’ll take it” followed by a PM with your name, shipping address and what items you want and I will send payment info. I ship the day after payment is received. Cross posted so time stamp applies.

Sorry for the huge photos. Unable to edit size for some reason.

1.) SOLD Magpul CTR Stock w/ buffer tube adaptor for AK (used for one range trip only) SOLD $60 SHIPPED
2.) Trigger guard (pretty rough de-mill marks, came on an AMD 65 kit) SOLD $16 SHIPPED
3.) SOLD Bulgarian 74 rear trunnion SOLD $18 SHIPPED
4.) SOLD M76 stripped bolt carrier SOLD$12 SHIPPED
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