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M16A4 Clone build help.

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I’m building an M16 A4 clone in the near future and was wondering if anyone could add any pictures, words of advice or opinions on the subject, i.e. which particular brands/parts would make for the most accurate clone? I’m in the process of picking up a Knights Armament M5 RAS, so that can be crossed of the list. I don’t plan to put the ACOG on it, so the removable carrying handle is a must.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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i dont know if charles daly has released a 20' upper yet but id look hard at those. other than that CCMG is a good option. all imho of course
You could put just about anything you want. If you going for a lost cost clean A4 Clone. At least purchase the two things...

Colt Gov't profile rifle barrel (1:7 twist of course) or use a CMMG barrel 1:7 preferred.

Knights forward grip (may come with the purchase of a new M5 RAS rail I don't remember)
308inthebush said:
What's the deal with the 'F' marked FBS's? What role does it play?
FloridaMarine said:
What's the deal with the 'F' marked FBS's? What role does it play?
http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/AR15-Fro ... 0-%20f.htm


You don't need an "F" marked FSB. Bushmaster sells a taller front sight post for use with flattop uppers.
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I don't drink the Kool Aid. I assembled mine on a stripped Stag lower. I gathered the other parts on the cheap through the ARFcom EE. Except for the Trijicon sight. That was crazy expensive.

ETA: The A4 is a heavy sucker. Pick it up after handling a 16" CAR with a LW barrel.
It's certainly something to consider, especially if the Colt has the proper gov't profile rifle barrel (1:7) and F marked FSB.

My A4 clone is going to be bare bones. No optics or anything like that. Just an out-of-the-box A4. Right now, I'm just going over the basic specs that I need to include to make it an accurate clone, i.e. rifle twist, M5 RAS and so forth.
I built one up a couple months ago...

I found a Colt "Sporter target" lower with mag fence on gunbroker for a semi reasonable (for Colt stuff).. I think it was about $500... Complete lower half, with everything factory installed.

I placed a wanted to buy ad on ARFCOM looking for an M16A4 upper.. I ended up with a Colt upper, with proper 1/7 Gov't barrel, and Colt semi bolt carrier for $575..

Good Colt deals are out there, if you keep an eye out...

I drink the Kool-Aid, as when I first started to build ARs back in 1995-6, I compared the quality of the parts I bought from Bushmaster, Eagle Arms and others to my issued Colt M16A2 and later M4A1.. I was disappointed, just in fit and finish...
i am just about finished getting all the parts for a M4 clone,.

i paid for a new KAC M4 RIS today so all i have to find is the issue style rear back-up iron sight.

i got stuff from CMMG,. Bravo company,. Del-Ton,. RRA,. and the WTB boards hear & there. the hardest thing to get ahold of was the f***ing 4 position stock,.. seems everyone sells the damn 6 position ones now.

also if your thinking about a ACOG in the future,... look around at a few places before you buy the first one you see,. they are expensive as hell,. and some places charge a few HUNDRED more than other places,.. so like i said,..look around a bit. they are great sights and well worth the money. (i went with the civi version of the Army M150)

i got my barrel assembly from CMMG,. i think i saw the A2/A4 length barrel assemblies there as well,. the nice thing about getting the barrel from them is that they will build it to your request,. so i am only getting the parts i want,. i do not have to worry about changing anything out once i get home.

as for certain manufactures,. the only name i am partial to does not make AR's for the civi market,. otherwise i would buy nothing but FN.

to me anything else is just parts,. and as long as they are all mil-spec and fit together nicely into a Mega upper & lower i am happy.
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No matter what I cannot stomach coughing up $1000 for a sight, on a gun, that will most likely never see combat.
CMMG makes an A4 model or you could buy a Colt A4 upper for the same price then add a lower of your choice. The ACOGs are expensive but better than those other dot sights IMO.
xcibes said:
...get your M5 RAS now as they are dirt cheap I have two I wanted to sell but I saw a guy selling them for $110.00...
Where did you see them for that price? Please, let me know.
Found him. Thanks for the tip.

Great info guys, I truly appreciate your help!
xcibes said:
Yes they do.


from their website,

I edited my post before you responded. :wink: I meant to say most of the military issued A4's are FN manufactured.
I also prefer the 20" M16A1 myself as that is what I was issued when I served.
I realize that this question is incredibly subjective, but which A4 setup do you guys think is most accurate?

With this A4 clone, I'm looking for the most accurate distances possible from 300yd's and beyond with iron sights.

I'd appreciate anyone’s opinions.
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