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looking for a plinken rifle

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id kinda like to get a 22LR rifle for cheap plinken out in the woods. i dont know much about 22LR rifles but id like something inexpensive but reliable.

id like something semi-automatic with high cap mages. any recomendations?

thanks :hail:
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ruger 10/22......is there anything else?? its one of the most popular and definantly the most customizible weapon out there......
I agree. There is no better .22LR semi-automatic rifle than the Ruger 1022. It comes in a myriad of configurations as well.

Now, for extra fun and nostalgia, I like the Henry Arms lever actions.
sounds good, are they easy to bump fire?

nothings more fun then bump firing but its a little costly with my AKs. i figure this will handle my need to bump fire without breaking the bank.

plus wal-mart is right down the street so cheap 22LR is easily available and my roommate works there so i can get a discount ontop of that.
a ruger 10/22 was the first thing i ever bump fired....i was probaly 9....
thanks, ill have to pick one up.
used is a good option

you might want to keep an eye out for used ones too, i have seen them go for 100 bucks every now and then....

I got mine for $100 on Craigslist.
Gander has had digital camo ones for $199 new here.

Here is a thread showing how I customized mine.
Mossberg 702

89.99 @ Dick's on black friday.

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You can bump fire a 10/22??
+1, i have never heard of that, doesn't one need recoil for bump firing to work.
Don't forget the Marlin 60. Find an older one in a pawn shop for under $100 in excellent condition with a barrel length feed tube! But even the newer ones that only hold like 15 rounds are cool too.

I have one. It's a tack driver and functions perfectly.
Get the "It's On" attitude and buy a WASR 22 !
Ruger 10/22 hands down!!
10/22, then a WASR-22
I personally own:

Marlin Model 60

They are both fun guns. I like detachable magazines more for convenience. I have also shot a 10-22 extensively because my friend owns one and we shoot together. The GSG-5 is a niche gun. If you like MP-5s, get a GSG to SBR. If you just want a plinker and don't want to spend the extra cash... get a 10-22. Both will serve you well.
davehal9000 said:
10/22, then a WASR-22
I like my WASR 22 much more than my 10/22 International Carbine !
Seriously guys, why would ever spend one dollar on anything from the Ruger company???
COPE said:
Seriously guys, why would ever spend one dollar on anything from the Ruger company???
Why, if I can be so inclined to ask?
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