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Look what I found!!

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So I always thought the G stamp was under the barrel right under the bottom hand guard, then I saw a picture of somebody's rifle with the g and it was not were I thought it was, so I went and checked mine again and this is what I found...

This just means my rifle was even rarer than I thought. I just made my day!

Heres the complete rifle

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Nice rifle.
what does the G mean?
HirosStorageUnit said:
what does the G mean?
It means it was built by Gordon Technologies for Global Trades.

Non-G marked K-101s were assembled by Global Trades in-house.

More info on these rare Kalashnikov variants.
any more info on that rail mount?
One other point that has not been mentioned about the G tech builds, [to my knowlage] is the hardness proof dimple. can be seen in the first photo below the barrel pin and above the lightning cut. As I understand it, all receivers were hardness tested before firing with proof rounds.
Here's a close up of the scope mount, Its a really nice mount I just wish it wasn't on this gun, considering the gun's rarity but I bought it that way so there was nothing I could do I plan on putting an aimpoint micro on it someday. I think its an MMC mount (guns in the safe so I cant go check right now)

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Aren't the dimples from hardness testing done by the Bulgarians when they manufactured the receivers?

This photo isn't close enough, and I'll double check when I get home tonight, but I think my "virgin" Bulgarian SLR receiver has a dimple, too.

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my google-fu is weak. i tried looking up mmc but i cant find any more info on them. can any one help?
blackstar said:
my google-fu is weak. i tried looking up mmc but i cant find any more info on them. can any one help?
The guy I bought it from said the company was in texas I think but he could have had the work done anytime between 2000 and now so who knows if they are still in business . I can get some close ups of the rail tomorrow if you'd like, im sure if you really wanted one someone could machine one for you. PM me if you want more pics.

(I just looked at it, it says fort worth, texas on the side)
I don't know if Gordon Tech did any further hardness testing (but I kind of doubt it), but the Bulgarians definitely tested the receivers when they manufactured them.

Here's the dimple on a new SLR-100H receiver, the same ones originally used in the K-101 production.

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Richard W., what do you plan to build on that reciever?
I was going to hang a Hungarian T3 kit onto it, but a completed G-Tech SLR-100H fell into my lap and makes that Hungarian project seem kind of redundant. I don't really need two Hungarian lookalikes.

I've been collecting Chinese parts for a while. I might assemble something that looks like a milled Type 56.
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