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WARNING: The video software that generates these "trailers" was evidently designed by "Millennials" and it arbitrarily removes the underlying audio track and replaces it with one of four different background musical choices, all of which range from obnoxious to nauseating. SO TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME IF YOU'RE OVER 50yrs OLD.

Here's a teaser trailer from our live fire demonstration of one of the IMI MAR 699s imported from Israel. This was a surprisingly fun carbine to shoot and readily manageable when in full-auto mode...which is evidenced by the constant smile on my mug.

The fully edited version will follow shortly. Please post any questions you may have regarding its handling and anything else of interest. And of course we couldn't finish without a full mag dump :>)

Look forward to all your comments.

Rodney L. Tucker
Lewis & Black
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