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March 26, 2006

I have some very important news to share with you. Over the last 6 months we have been reading stories of members who have been dragged around by Joeken Firearms and in most cases the refunds have not come forth like they should have. Two members came forth recently with the problems they have been having. After leaving phone calls and emails for Joe Cox of Joeken Firearms to call me back with a deadline. I have decided in the best interests of the members and the Guns Network community to sever all ties with Joeken Firearms and close the books on Joe Cox.

If you remember Joe put up a Romanian AKM in 7.62x39 for our 2005 Fall Membership Upgrade Raffle Drive and that he told me he had put one out to the side. I never thought twice as he has always taken care of our winning members over the years. Well after the raffle the winners were submitted to all the companies with there contact info. To make a long story short. Dates and deadlines were broken to the winning member and his wife and they were dragged this whole time since December and the member has still NOT received the said Romanian AKM AK-47. When I found out about this I fell out of my chair and I told him that he was going to get a AK-47 even if I had to give him one of my unfired AK's but he was going to get what he won. While I was researching Joeken Firearms problems I talked to Ewbanks Manufacturing as Joe told me things I needed to followup on. After finding out Joe has been lying for many months if not years about much more then I can spill here let me say something very positive came from all of this. Ewbank Manufacturing & Andrew (former employee of Joeken) who also owns a company called Arms of America or www.armsofamerica.com will be making good and they INSISTED THEY take care of this member and send him the Romanian AKM rifle he won. So in the end "Chuckles" in South Carolina will be finally getting his prize. Great News!!!

Now then please heed our warnings!!!! Everyone I am asking as I do believe Joeken Firearms is a sinking ship. Even if you have had nothing but good deals thru Joeken Firearms we are asking you to please hold back and DO NOT SPEND ANOTHER DIME until the dust has settled cause folks if you remember the Gary Gucciano problem times that by a 100 and you are still not even close to comparison. **** and I feel from many years in running Guns Network that Joeken maybe facing some serious financial and unethical business practices which could get him in trouble with the Feds and maybe the BATFE. I do not want ANY MORE MEMBERS buying ANYTHING ELSE from Joe Cox and/or Joeken Firearms. If you have trusted us over the years then please trust us even more now.

I know this newsletter started out negatively but after this past 7 days of taking the time and contacting those folks who are in the know about Joeken Firearms. I am sadden that Joe Cox is sinking his own ship even with current employees on board with him but I do believe a lot of positive news has come from this. For years members have who have bad experiences have posted on our Reviews Forum and for years some members have taken advantage of this system and they have done some serious damage to advertisers who have not done anything wrong. So **** and I have decided that we will continue to listen more carefully in regards to every new complaint about an advertiser more seriously then we did before and if any members decides they have a bone to pick on a transaction they did with one of our advertisers we will give them all the room to discuss there problem. But on the other side of the coin if a member posts bull shit and lies about a made up problem we will prosecute and involve all the three letter agencies.

One last minute note we have 3 to 4 new advertisers and some big name coming on board in the next 30 days. These came from our talks with them at the 2006 Shot Show in Las Vegas. So when they do come on board please welcome them to our beloved community.

We hope you have a pleasant Sunday evening relaxing!

Guns Network Staff

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I left out the hawking for a new business

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That whole letter is full of shit.

Everyone knew JoeKen had bad business practices from the start.

I find it hilariously funny that they have the gall to reference the Gucciano Connection....

Sounds like JoeKen did not want to pay more money, and now GoonsNet wants to try and hurt them by boycotting their goods....

I can't see how anyone can believe the drivel that spills from Thornton's mouth.... :lol:
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