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Let's See Your Selector/Trunnion Engraving Pics!

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If you got 'em, please post them up.
Don't forget to tell us where you got them done!
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Mario of Piece of History Firearms
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My AKS74U. Engraving done by "Engraving by Angela" and the selector notches were done by a local gun shop owner for free.
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Trunnions for two in process builds. Arsenal marks and dates my Angela and numbers stamped by me. Need to tone the numbers down
a little and then they will be ready.
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Wow what a great thread. You really get a good look at these engravers capabilities.

Anyone have a "Diamond Dave" specimen? :twisted:
Vedddy Nice!

My InRange AKS-74N had the AB/OA markings/selector notches done prior to parking/GunKote......

But has anybody had problems with having the engraving/selector notches
done OVER a pre-existing parked/Moly resin or Gunkote finish-specifically
with flaking(have another AKS-74N build coming from Henderson Def.)?
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