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Latest build, nothing special

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This is one of the rusty CFS kits I got a while ago. Threw it together over the evenings this week. Nothing special. Tried to use some parts I had around to make a real truck gun/shooter. Something I can use like an AK is supposed to be used :p

Rusty Romainian G kit from CFS $90
Tapco prebent rail flat $12?
Tapco rivet set $9?
Rommy wire lever side folder $35
Century trigger $5
G2 disconnector $5
Rommy hammer
Choate handguards from my Saiganov build $10
US AK74 24mm style break and adapter $25?
Century pistol grip $5?
Total +/- $196
US Parts: 6 (Receiver, trigger, disconnector, handguards, pistol grip, muzzle device)

Rust was bead blasted off and everything cold blued. May park or paint later.
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Looks real good. And to imagine it started life from one of those CFS kits.
You can't beat the price. Very nice....
I like, those kits were the shit.
looks good
thats a really nice rifle!
WOW! she came out nice!I got some of them$ 89.00 kits in storage.the ones i got were pretty nice....kman
Thanks everyone. I like these low pressure builds every once in a while. They usually turn out better than I wanted them to.
:shock: Fantastic, the Pakistani Gun Bazzar merchants should be worried that their jobs will be sent to America!
I've been hoping they'd give me a job. I'd love to work where you just go up to the roof and blast some rounds off at the hills to test a new build out :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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