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Hey guys. Considering selling my original barrel, all matching numbers polish underfolder kit on a childers receiver.

1991 dated kit, which is one of the last years of polish akm production.

The barrel is original to this kit and Is in very good condition.

I personally built this rifle shortly after dropping my ffl last year so it does not have my makers mark on it.

The childers receiver does not match the kit, but it already has the lower rail slotted for a super easy fa conversion If you have the proper paperwork.

Rivets are absolutely perfect. And the insides are domed like the originals.

The stock is tight like prom night and has no wobble when open.

Any thoughts on what she may be worth nowadays? I've seen some og barrel kits bring upwards of $1200 alone.

I also have 4k of ammo I may be willing to part with. 3k golden tiger and 1k new production Turkish m43

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