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KUSA KR9 Malfunction

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Yesterday i went to the range and was using my KR9. It was working fine then on the 3rd mag it went boom in my face with a bunch of smoke. After i took that mag out cleared the round that went off in my face put a different mag in and tried to chamber 6 rounds in a row nothing would feed. looked in the Barrel and sure enough it is blocked or ruined? not sure reaching out to you guys for input.
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Out of battery discharge. I also had one with my gun. It blew out the side/base of the cartridge case, and the gas pressure destroyed the magazine, but otherwise did no damage to the gun. It sent the projectile halfway down the barrel, where it stopped. Somehow, in the excitement, I managed to pull the trigger AGAIN and now had not one, but TWO bullets stuck in the barrel.

I managed to keep all my fingers and parts of my face, and had to get creative to get those jammed projectiles out of there. I think I drilled out the one closest to the muzzle, then ramrodded the other one.

These guns are by now pretty famous for doing OOBD (also known as a "Kaboom"). Something to do with the firing pin or part of the bolt being able to hit the primer before the round gets completely chambered.

KUSA is (I think) somehow addressing the issue with some sort of a fix, but I dont know the details. This condition has been widely reported & talked about on other gun forums.

Despite this, I absolutely LOVE my KR-9. It's one of the guns I would never get rid of, even with this problem.
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Yeah. Its difficult for me to exacly understand the design problem, but apparently this condition exists in a lot of pcc blowback guns? Some guys report thousands of rounds with no problems, others report experiencing a kaboom. The thing to do is research the issue, reach out to KUSA & see if there is indeed a fix and get in line for it.

I'm sorry I cant be very helpful. I am in the same boat.


Ah, here it is:
AKFiles "Renamed: KUSA Superthread #4"

50 pages of all the problems. Sorry I cant do a link.
I dont think taking it to a gunsmith will help, in this case.

That setback (pushing the bullet back inside the case) is from attempting to shove those rounds into a blocked chamber. After the 1st unusual event, OP should have checked & inspected, not tried 5x more...

Anyway, taking it to a gunsmith may void whatever warrenty OP may (or may not) have at this point.

I would try to get KUSA to fix it, if there is a fix...
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Kzspec, what is the process for us to get our guns fixed?
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