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After a year of researching and debate between the PSA AKV and the K-USA KP-9. I decided to pull the trigger on the K-USA KP-9. I’ve shot both firearms and they both shoot well. But it was the KP-9 that won my interest.. Many of you know that I am a SUCKER for AK side folders and 90% of my builds are side folders. I just love them. I also choose the KP-9 because it is as close as you can get to the actual Izmash PP-19 Vityaz minus the “Happy Selector Switch.” Got the KP-9 when Atlantic Firearms had them on sale at $979. Thought that it was a decent sale price and decided to go for it.

It took 24 days for BATF to give me the blessings to SBR her. I also had interest in the SLR Rifle Works KP9 upper and lower hand guards. But the cost for those SLR Rifle Works HG's is latterly half the price of the firearm itself so I decided to go with the less expensive Khyber Customs and front end set up instead. I wanted some color so I painted some of the accessories including several of the magazines ODG using a rattle can. I also replaced the sling swivel on the stock to a QD mount. The QD mount makes it a lot easier to remove the sling. I may do the same to my other triangle stocks as well.

Overall, I am very happy with my choice and it’s current set up.


1. JMAC Customs - 2C 1/2-28x20 Wolfman Muzzle Brake and Blast Shield
2. Khyber Customs - AKML-K Lower Hand Guard and Cheese Grader. (NOTE: I had to trim the lower hand guard tang to fit the KP-9 front end)
3. Strike Industries - Anchor Hand Stop
4. Swamp Fox - Liberator Green Circle Dot Optic
5. Magpul - MOE Pistol Grip
6. ALG Trigger
7. Kerbs - KP-9 Enhanced Selector Lever
8. K-USA - Large Charging Handle Knob
9. Lxpony's FCG Retainer Plate

121 - 134 of 134 Posts