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Stopped by fun shop yesterday and noticed a Krebs 5.45; asking $825 for it.

Fit and finish looked good. Left side of receiver was marked izhmash and didn't say saiga on it.
Right side says EAA corp. I read somewhere they did imports back in the early 2000s.
Has the rear peep sight (not marked Krebs) and side mount for optics.
Below serial number is area that appears to be milled and in that area is stamped the Krebs logo and 5.45x39.
The only US markings I saw were on pistol grip.

I did a quick dis-assembly and it seemed the spring was a little
stouter than the ones in my Romanian SAR-2&WASR-2. The bolt had a very rough
finish and wear to it compared to the rest of the gun. I asked the fun shop to
hold it until Monday.

So, based on this info what model is it? Is $825 a good price?
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