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anyone know where to get parts for a Gen 2 Kobra? Tantal only has gen1. I specifically need a power switch. It broke clean off after the second outing and Tantal told me they wouldn't warranty it. It hasn't been abused or roughed up. I baby everything I have cause I can't replace the stuff. Thanks.
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It's not actually the power switch that broke; it's just the shaft of the cam that moves the arm that presses the switch. The same thing happened to mine and I fixed it by taking the sideplate off and using one of the long sideplate screws through the knob to hold the broken pieces of the cam together, and put the short switch-cam screw in the sideplate instead. A tiny dab of loctite on the cam screw wouldn't hurt, but you can't get any on the outside of the shaft or it will bind it (and don't forget to put the knob on, and you have to assemble it in the sideplate).

These generally break when they get too hard to turn, so before putting it back together, make sure the cam turns freely and smoothly. Mine had a teeny bit of corrosion in the shaft hole that narrowed it and created friction, so I reamed it out slightly and very lightly greased the hole and bearing surface on the sideplate, and also bent the switch arm slightly so it wouldn't hang up. I've shot a carbine match with mine since and it works great; the only problem is that I lost the detent ball (that clicks) when the knob fell off the first time, but the detent ball is not necessary for reliable function.

The one caveat is, you have to use a screwdriver that fits the sideplate screws EXACTLY, and you may have to use a scraper to scrape the paint/sealer out of the sideplate screw slots before you try to turn them.

More details in this thread:

http://www.theakforum.net/phpBB2/viewto ... ight=kobra
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Wish had seen this when it happened, unfortunately I don't have the bottom of the switch anymore. THanks anyway.
If you didn't take the sideplate off, then you still have the important part, namely the cam, inside the sideplate; you can probably still see the broken shaft of it (the "nose" of the smiley face you get when the knob comes off). All you need is a way to turn that cam.

All you'd need to do would be to take off the sideplate as described above, ream/lubricate the sideplate so the cam can turn freely (if it currently can't), and then find something you can use to turn the cam. A long, skinny machine screw screwed into the screw hole in the broken shaft and epoxied or loctited in place would give you a new shaft, and if you had a wingnut on the protruding part of the bolt (epoxied to the bolt shaft) you'd have a new power switch knob. Get the length right and paint it black, and it might look close to stock.

If you can't find a screw that skinny, you could modify the broken cam to take a bigger screw, but you'd probably need a drill press to make it work.
Been taken apart and put back together but the cam is long gone. Looking back it wasn't salvageable.
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