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Just found this section after posting in the general discussion forum.

I am almost done with my "AMD 63" to actual AKM 63 build. It has taken a few months to source the parts I wanted and it is off to Meridian to have a CHF bbl pressed in to remove the ESS bbl with the short gas system to achieve a more correct look.
I left the Hungarian wood stock for last due to its unavailability and expense. I found a repro and the fit and finish is nice, however, I am kicking around the idea of darkening a tad to better match the Hungarian surplus grips I have installed.

Still on the fence as to whether leave it alone or keep tinkering. I use the hell out of all my rifles so it will naturally age with use, but I also purposely bought a less expensive repro in case I couldn't help tinkering with it and jacked it all up the first time. I have ZERO experience in wood working.

Not looking to distress it really, just darken the wood slightly to better match the age on the surplus wood. Not really a big deal, but I have crossed over from AR's in the last few months and am really starting to love this AK platform and all the history behind it as well as the different ways of working on them. I use to think I "built" AR's from scratch but after reading on AK's over the last few years I have to accept that you assemble an AR and build an AK. That being said, most everything I do with this platform is foreign territory.

Thoughts on what to use if I decide to go the darkening route? It is European Beechwood that has been finished if that helps.

Thanks in advance.
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