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Khyber Pass clones...My Interpretation

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I have noticed there have been a bunch of questions as to what would be correct for a Khyber Pass clone. That is an impossible question to answer. The firearms that are cobbled together there are made from anything with very crude tooling. The folding stocks are obviously Russian but the rest of the 7.62 AK or RPK could be from anywhere or even pieced together. Remember these are very resourceful people. It would not suprise me if they sanded/ground whatever they needed to use a 7.62 barrel in a 5.45 trunnion and receiver. They are only limited by their imagination. Here in the US we go for cosmetics. There they go for function. So to answer all questions:

What kit would be correct? What mag to use? What furniture to use?: Use what you think they could possibly have access to.

What sling to use? Braided rope, old belts, any sling possible including AK slings.

What type of rivets are used? Anything they can put in the hole and make a head on.

How should the rivets look? It is hard to say. They could have been done with a rock.

Everybody keep in mind: These were cobbled together on dirt floors in a third world country, not a custom high tech shop.
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What sling to use? Braided rope, old belts, any sling possible including AK slings.
I've got the perfect slings for the project. They're made exactly like the Soviet slings. I initially thought they were made using cut down Soviet slings, but after finding a pink sling with the exact type of webbing, I'm convinced the webbing is Afghan. The hardware, except maybe the rivets, is Soviet. This is what I believe the locals are putting out for their own use, perfect for a Khyber build.

If anyone wants pics, I can't host them but will send them.
davehal9000's sling pics

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I can't see them, so i'm REALLY hoping there's no gay porn being posted and credited to me :grin:

Thanks Walt!

I know others have heard the story here, but these slings are what the locals (Afghanis) offered as Krink slings. Someone had Krink slings here a couple of years ago, and I'm still looking this time, now that I have a krink being built.

I grabbed I believe three of these. Some of the vendors "buy" what it is you ask for, and it's sometimes tough for them to get a refund if it's not what you want from them. Therefore I grabbed them anyway, figuring someone could use them, myself included.

I paid $20 for them. If anyone wants one, I'll send them for cost plus postage. These are as close to a Khyber Pass sling as you'll ever get! They may have actually been made in the Khyber Pass.
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