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Kahr PM9 owners, help me out

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How hard is it to change out the stock sights? Which way do they drift out when looking at the rear of the gun? Also, I don't have a vice or sight pusher so would it be feasible to lightly hammer them out? I want to swap out for night sights and I don't want to crush the tritium vials when installing them. Thanks in advance!
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Only sight replacements I've done were on Glocks, and I had an actual Glock sight tool to do this with. Even with the proper tool, they were difficult once in a while. If I was lacking even a simple vice to "chuck" the slide up in solidly, its not really something I would attempt. Most likely you'll end up getting things all dinged up, wishing you woud've done it right the first time. Just my.02
I agree with azgunner.Just suck it up and take it to a gunsmith.
He'll have all the tools and your sights will be aligned and tested for you when you pick it up.
The risk of scratching up your expensive gun isn't worth it.
I'm sure the next post or so will disagree with me but I wouldn't want to dick up a $500 gun.
My two cents worth.
You should consider buying a vice, they come in pretty handy. I'd send it into a professional, but I've heard of people using wooden dowel rods to remove sights to lessen the chance of marring the finish.
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