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What a great movie, they don't make em like they used to. All the new movies and remakes that have been out lately have been utter garbage. No good CGI can make up for real, live action and a good plot.

What other instant movies should I watch on Netflix? I have over a hundred queued but looking for other old school war movies.

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The Bridge on the River Kwai
A Bridge Too Far
Kelly's Heroes
Dirty Dozen
Battle of the Bulge
None But the Brave
Von Ryan's Express
The Great Escape

theres a start...

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Classic film. It is one of the first war movies I can remember renting with my dad when I was a kid. The movie, as well as the real battle of Rorke's Drift, really shows the incredible discipline that made British soldiers of the era so feared.

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If you like old school Africa movies.....I gotta vote for Breaker Morant.

Butchered to make a Dutchman's Holiday - by Breaker Morant

In prison cell I sadly sit,
A dammed crestfallen chappie,
And own to you I feel a bit--
A little bit—unhappy.

It really ain’t the place nor time
To reel off rhyming diction ;
But yet we’ll write a final rhyme
While waiting crucifixion.

No matter what end they decide
Quick-lime? or boiling oil? sir
We’ll do our best when crucified
To finish off in style, sir !

But we bequeath a parting tip
For sound advice of such men
Who come across in transport ship
To polish off the Dutchmen.

If you encounter any Boers
You really must not loot ‘em,
And, if you wish to leave these shores,
For pity’s sake, don’t shoot ‘em.

And if you’d earn a D.S.O.,
Why every British sinner
Should know the proper way to go
Is: Ask the Boer to dinner.

Let’s toss a bumper down our throat
Before we pass to heaven,
And toast: “The trim-set petticoat
We leave behind in Devon.”

Also recommend ....

Zulu Dawn
Battle of Algiers
Wild Geese
Lawrence of Arabia
Mountains of the Moon
Shaka Zulu
White Mischief (makes one wish they were born in another time!)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro

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I always thought the song they sing during the Zulu charge was cool.

Men of Harlech -- Zulu Version

Men of Harlech stop your dreaming
Can't you see their spear points gleaming
See their warrior's pennants streaming
To this battle field

Men of Harlech stand ye steady
It cannot be ever said ye
For the battle were not ready
Stand and never yield

From the hills rebounding
Let this war cry sounding
Summon all at Cambria's call
The mighty force surrounding

Men of Harlech onto glory
This shall ever be your story
Keep these fighting words before ye
Cambria (Welshmen never) will not yield


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if you've seen one war flick you've seen them all. not all that keen on watching them, after I reached the age of 15. they all have the same plot, just different costumes. group A kills group B, then group B kills group A, keep repeating till the credits roll.

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If you get tired of old war movies watch MST3K Werewolf probably one of the best ones

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btr said:
Does anyone know if the portrayal of the cowardly missionary on Zulu was historically accuarte? He really bugged me.
I tend to doubt it. (Although I wasn't aware that Hollywood's vilification of the Church went that far back.) But how may cowards do you think shipped half war around the world to bring the Word to pissed off guys with spears?
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