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Can anyone tell me about this rifle. I have an opportunity to trade for one of these what about them?
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Why is it mediocre?
Why is it mediocre...
the barrel is not hammer-forged or chrome-lined
the barrel is heavy contour yet short with long twist; thus it is overly front-end heavy for an already heavy rifle with bad balance to begin with, and incapable of utilizing the 7.62N round to its full potential
the magazine well is not beveled or relieved
the safety is too far for your thumb to reach
the charging handle is inconvenient
the mag release is to far to reach
no paddle mag release
no last shot bolt hold open
recoil is unnecessarily harsh
scope mounts are expensive
scope mounts require a cheek riser
the receiver is weak so it's not as accurate as it could be

The G3 was an ok battlerifle in it's day, but the PTR is a poor G3. There are much better weapons in 7.62N out there. They do look sexy though, if looks are all that matter to you. They are also a good way to learn the HK system, if thats your goal, although I'd probably choose a V93 instead.

These are my opinions and observations based on no small amount of first hand experience; but they are just one mans opinion. :wink:
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ahh nevermind :neutral:
Penguin said:
ahh nevermind :neutral:
They have a website for JLD, the company purchased all the HK machinery and patent drawings and is producing knock-offs of the HK-91. If you are looking for something to throw .308 7.62x51 down-range you would probably be better served by a decent FAN-FAL, a little more user friendly and doesn't throw the brass as far. I've fired HK-G3s while stationed in Germany back in the 70's and preferred them to the M-16, but then I was never a fan of the "mouse-gun", having come from the M-14 old school. I saw an amazing true HK-91 with Hensold sniper kit at the last gun show and the guy wanted 3grand, he wanted 2grand for a great looking shooter. If you lay a PTR alongside a HK you will see little things that let you know that although very similar in appearance, first off check out the rear sight and its attachment to the rifle, little things...I'd really like to have a HK-91 and I know where this guy has his gun shop. I prefer the M-14 based semi auto M1A for 7.62 x 51. You can get a loaded rifle for around 1.5 grand that will put them all in one ragged hole at 100yds and even if you hit the guy in the backpack...HE IS GOING DOWN!
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IM with BB

Different reasons though...if you ask me

The barrel is too long
Twist is to short
the barrel i s chrome lined and hammer forged
to easy to accidentally take it off safe with you thumb
Charging handle is too convenient for right hand shooters

I can not for the life of me see why more than 50 countries adopted it as their main battle rifle.

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Just buy a FAL.... :grin:

...also, without a muzzle brake the PTR's butt stock slaps the shit out of your cheek when the rifle is discharged. The buffer kit from JLD helps a bit for PTR's made without the brake.

I still like the PTR, but there are other choices on the market to consider.
like all HK style roller lockers they destroy brass if you reload.
On the upside, they do have two buisness ends. :twisted:
Here is my PTR91. I love it. It is very accurated, but it is heavy. My spent cartridges flew down the range about 20 feet away.

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Reliability, but at what price? *

Other than $10 mag refills.
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I had one! It went bang every time I pulled the trigger! Never jammed! Mags were cheap! I liked it! Pretty accurate for what it is! Ammo was cheap at the time I had it! But ended up selling it to buy AK kits! If you like it buy it! :smile:

The PTR is competitive with the other civilianized battle clones. At some point they went to the original 12 flutes chamber from 8 I believe. Those with the 12 flutes in the chamber should be very reliable and on a par with most anything out there.[HK91 is 12 flutes] Why they did not go with 12 the first time boggles the mind! Real G3s are super robust and reliable.
I have the earlier version JLD/PTR but it is an excellent, reliable rifle also.
I would get one. I personally own one and ive heard nothing but good things about them. It is one of my favorite rifles in my collection. they are also built on HK parts and tools! get one!
We have sold tons of these for the last 5 -6 years and no complaints, they are now have a Squad carbine and a MSG 91 Sniper rifle , the basic PTR 91F is pictured below.

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Don't know about the PTR but I have owned an HK 91 for 15 years. It has never once jammed and in my opinion is a quality weapon. I have shot everything from Chinese 308 to Cavim, and numerous other manufacturers without a hickup.
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