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Izmash Shiny Plum AK-74 mag questions

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I just received 4 good condition Izvehsk Shiny-plum 74 mags
and was wondering why the top and bottom portions appear to be
spray painted black?

Did they all come from Izmash like this and what is the reasoning
behind it?

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This is normal, assuming what you're talking about is like the magazine pictured on Tantal's:


Scroll down until you find a picture of four AK-74 magazines side-by-side and you'll see a plum with both a black and plum finish. I have a mag that's exactly like that one and if you look at the mold number (26), mine has the same exact mold number. Check and see if your mag has the same mold number.
The paint is to protect the metal inserts inbedded in the polymer.
Thanks for the info!
They look pretty cool with the two toned look.
Just went to touch up my mags with a bit of Rustoleum Gloss black. :smile:
You can also use rubbing alcohol and cottonballs to get rid of the overspray.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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