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No need to compromise anymore on the quality and reliability of your magazine. As always, Arsenal Inc. of Nevada did what no one in the Firearm industry dared to do. Using the Arsenal of Bulgaria M-47W magazine body and the US made follower and Butt plate Combination, we came up with a unit indisputably the best quality 7.62x39 magazine on the market. The US made follower and the US made Butt plate are (2) components for your 922r requirements. These two units have proven themselves thru many tests to be of the highest quality and the best technology ever used.

We are proud to introduce the M-47W2US magazine for only $29.99.

MA7-004U U.S. made Floor Plate and MA7-001UB U.S. made Follower are also sold separately.

Also sold:
MA7-0014BU6 - (6) of the MA7-004U and (6) of the MA7-001UB
MA7-0014BU - (1) MA7-004U and (1) MA7-001UB
MA7-004U6 - (6) of the MA7-004U

K-VAR Corporation
5015 W. Sahara Ave. #125
Las Vegas, NV 89146-3407
Tel: (702) 364-8880
Fax: (702) 307-2303
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.k-var.com
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