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Both my grandfathers served on opposite sides during the war. My mothers father served with the British Army in North Africa. And my dad's father I believe served in the pacific. The wildest thing though is the big momento from my English Grandad's time in the war is a interesting one. And yes it's deactivated. From what we can tell it's a Polish 46 mm mortar round
The comparison pic is the first one.

http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/unknown-w ... cbb1a&


The other momento from my dad is this


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Unless I"m mistaken, that 1917 holster is an older version of the one issued during WWII.
It was meant to worn on the right side of the Cavalry Soldier butt forward and shot left handed. The sabre was still the primary weapon in the old Cav days. Very cool!!
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