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Inner Rails and Center support

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is it ok to ream the hole bigger for the center suport in order to get the rails wellded in plase in the right spot...When I put the rails in the right spot the holes in the recever and rail for the center support is about 1/2 a hole off...Thanks
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Yep, that's a common problem with one brand of rails.

What I do is ignore the hole in the rail and align them where they should be based on the trunnion lugs and upper rails. After they are welded in I use a file or dremel to match the hole in the receiver. Basically cutting away half a hole of material.
I have never had one line up properly. I hold the rails in the correct position, then mark the overlapping material through the rivet and axis pin hole. I then slot the rail before welding to eliminate the change of messing up the receiver hole.
Will Do Thanks Guys! :mrgreen:
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