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Inherited Norinco 5.56

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So my uncle gave me a rifle and said I can keep it or sell it and to be honest I know a little about them but not a lot. It’s a Norinco Mak 90 in 5.56.

Now I always hear things like”pre-ban” and I know values change but I honestly lack the knowledge about the value of this rifle and how I would even label it if I was to sell it.

attached are some pics if anyone can give me a better understanding of the history of this rifle and value I would appreciate it.

btw it is straightcut receiver and the homemade wine is not for sale.


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Interesting, your Uncle gave you the rifle, as in you didn't pay for it, and you complain about spending $100 for a mag to make it useful?

You have a very nice very early post-Bush1-ban rifle and most collectors would be thrilled to have that in their collection.

Personally as a collector, I recommend not changing a thing, keep that stock set as I believe it was made by Choate and specified by the importer. Very rare setup!
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I complain about mags because all my guns I like to use. I’m not a collector really and if I keep this I’m going to end up beatin the piss out of it. I don’t mind buying a couple mags at $100 but I usually like to buy reliable mags and lots of them. I’m probably going to end up selling it to someone who will appreciate it more.
(y) (y) I am a collector but I do enjoy shooting most of my items. I have put several thousand rounds through my Norinco 84S-1 (under folder) and it continues to be my most accurate AK variant. Enjoy yours!!!
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Also first I have ever heard of only 56S series having chrome lined barrels. Sooooo....

Just pulled out my 84S-1 and it sure appears to have a chrome lined barrel.
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It would make sense that pre-Bush1-ban 84 series went through the standard chrome lining, but post-Bush1 .223 MAK-90s did not. They obviously were never intended for anything other than commercial sales in the land of shall not be infringed. Don't have a .223 MAK-90 but have to agree that what you said Yoda makes a lot of sense.
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WOW!!! This thread went off!
So I wanted to add something I found. My uncle while cleaning out his basement found 4 mags. They are 5.56 mags that fit this AK. Are these Chinese?
There is also a 10 rounder that fits very weird but it fits. I have to give it a good push to click in.

here are some photos View attachment 361481
Yes, all 4 are Norinco 84S mags. The shorty was designed to keep Bush the first happy when he banned the 84S as too evil but the resulting MAK-90 version perfectly angelic. Yep, he was that stupid.
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