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Inherited Norinco 5.56

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So my uncle gave me a rifle and said I can keep it or sell it and to be honest I know a little about them but not a lot. It’s a Norinco Mak 90 in 5.56.

Now I always hear things like”pre-ban” and I know values change but I honestly lack the knowledge about the value of this rifle and how I would even label it if I was to sell it.

attached are some pics if anyone can give me a better understanding of the history of this rifle and value I would appreciate it.

btw it is straightcut receiver and the homemade wine is not for sale.


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Post ban mak90 but yours in particular is more desirable than those in general population due to your front sight block has the so-called fang for holding a cleaning rod, plus a barrel-stub sleeve covering what I assume are threads fitting a 14-1 LH flash hider

Your gas block bayonet lug is shaved off but retains an open channel for somewhat securing a cleaning rod.

We’re it mine, I’d find an AKM black poly stock, cleaning rod and a pistol grip (not costly) and get shed of that thumbhole stock. Save your money and Keep your foregrip handguards
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