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I'm going to Austin with a friend of mine for a week who's trying to get me move out there with him.

I here its a pretty cool place, a young college town pretty hip with enough live music to fill the Atlantic Ocean.

Can anyone give me some must see/do stuff.

Heres my list so far.

For Fun
Green belt
Lake Travis
Barton Springs
Silver Jews
Alamo Draft house
Paramount Theatre
6th street
Live local music
Mount Bonnell
Zilker Botanical Garden
Town Lake Metropolitan Park

Tex-Mex(Chuy's, Trudy's, etc.)
Mexican(Fonda San Miguel, Curra's Grill)
Hamburgers(Sandy's, Dan's, Casino El Camino, Hut's, Sonic, etc.)
BBQ(The Salt Lick, Rudy's, Artz Rib House etc.)
Thai/Asian(Madam Mam's, Thai Kitchen, Thai Passion, etc.)
Kerbey Lane
Cajun(Nubian Queen Lola, etc
Breakfast Burritos
Joe's Bakery and Coffee Shop
Steak(Sullivan's Steakhouse)
Comfort Food/American(Hoover's, Threadgills, Broken Spoke, etc)
Sushi/seafood(Uchi, Eddie V's Edgewater Grille)
Indian(Clay Pit)
Ice Cream(Amy's Ice Cream)

http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/acccf/sec ... odo101.htm

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Weather should not be a problem. I suggest the Texas Museum. It has some pretty interesting exhibits. My favorite restaurant in Houston's but there are too many to mention. Have a great time.

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Thanks. I still have to see if UT is gonna have a home game while Im there. I hear things get pretty crazy.

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The weather is fine here. As a matter of fact is just cooled down. Don't forget 6th street. There's nothing like a bunch of drunk teenage dudes running around without their shirts. :roll:

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When are you coming?

How old are you and what do you like to do?

6th street is dance bars and drunk college kids. The real music is in the Red River area, Emo's, Stubb's, Redrum, etc. Also, South Congress - Continental Club, or S. 1st -Jovitas, or South Lamar - Maria's. Depends on what you like.

As far as Tex Mex, go to Trudy's and skip Chuy's. Guerros on South Congress is great food and a good bar. Breakfast - Magnolia, either on S. Congress or the original on Lake Austin Blvd.

BBQ- for my money, skip Salt Lick, their sauce is sweet (but the drive is nice and it's kinda cool - you bring your own beer, also cash only). Skip Rudy's, it's good but a chain. Go to Mann's on 183 and Ohlen, Texas Monthly just rated it as one of the top fifty BBQ places in the STATE and they ain't lyin'. Iron Works for BBQ if you are downtown. Madam Mam's is the best Thai food in town hands down, don't bother with anything else. Lot's of good Indian, but Clay Pit is mediocre (I actually eat there a lot because it is convenient to where I work). Try Sarovar on Burnet, or Star of India on Anderson - both are far superior.

If you want to see some real Austin, go to Ginny's Little Longhorn on Burnet. A beer bar, but it is the real deal. Also, just south of UT, Scholtz Beer Garden is cool.

The rest of your stuff is pretty right on, you did your research. I worked in the restaurant business here for years before I went to grad school. I was the kitchen manager for Kerbey Lane many years ago, opened the south store and helped open the NW one. It's still good. A friend of mine just opened a restaurant called Corazon (literally today was their first day- where the old Castle Hill was), I went to their warm up party last Saturday and it was great. Right off of 5th and Lamar.

Go here to see the Horns schedule: http://www.mackbrown-texasfootball.com/ ... sched.html

PM me if you want more info, I have lived here a long time and I am into music and food.


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I never could get into the flow of Austin. I mean, I am young, strong fondness for alcohol and love loud music(Mainly Black and Death Metal, with classic rock, Jazz and Bluegrass thrown in for good measure). But I just get the willies when I am there. To many hipsters.

Though there is a fun car game I came up with, its made for Austin.

Its called "Spot the Indie Film Maker". Its real easy:grin:
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