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With the old version of the forum, I used to browse exclusively via secure encrypted HTTPS/SSL access. It appears that HTTPS is no longer available now that the forum has been upgraded. I humbly request that HTTPS access be reenabled!

For those who don't understand the difference, let me briefly explain:

When you visit the unsecured HTTP address http://www.theakforum.net , everything about your browsing is visible to every router and server across the Internet between you and the Forum. When you log in to the forum, your username and password can be sniffed, as well as the URL and content of every page you browse. Your ISP, the NSA, the person on the other side of the room using your encrypted wifi connection, or a nosy neighbor within reach of your home wifi network.

When you visit the secured HTTPS address https://www.theakforum.net , any man-in-the-middle sees only a stream of random bytes. Even the domain name "The AK Forum dot net" is hidden from them, they see only the IP address (which reverse lookups to txff05.forumfoundry.com, no sign of "AK Forum" anywhere).

In my opinion, you should browse the entire Internet securely, and I use the Free web browser plugin HTTPS Anywhere to ensure I always choose the secure alternative when one is available... but we no longer have a secure choice available at The AK Forum!

Very cheap SSL certificates are available, and I'm glad to answer any PM regarding server configuration that I'm able to help with.
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