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Think smoooooth.
What you want to accomplish is to lap the barrel until it is as smooth as practical.
The natural high low places in the bore will catch and release the bullet if you think of it in slow motion, this causes vibrations in the barrel and bullet, this will vary from shot to shot(copper fouling)this is what you want to minimize, as your accuracy will wander, also consider heat, don't overheat the barrel to test for accuracy as metal expands(the bore gets smaller) and warpage become a factor.
You will need:
Cleaning rod or pull thru(Refrain from aluminum or brass as they are soft, allowing grit to imbed in the shaft.)
Hoppes #9 or similar bore/copper solvent
Appropriate patches, old t-shirt, old sheet, etc.
If for some reason you MUST clean from the bore, prepare a cut spent brass cartridge to insert in muzzle to use as a protector of that last critical 1/4 inch before bullet exit.
If rifle is factory new, visual, use solvent and brush and clean out any loose particle, you might be surprised, they can't spent a lot of time on this in the factory as it is not cost effective. Rinse out real good, you want even minute powdery metal, pcs of burr OUT, keep following up brush with patches until they are happy clean!
Get bore squeaky clean! Don't short cut here.
Use jacketed ammo. Fire 1 shot.
Clean bore with patch(no brush now)and solvent, until all traces of copper fouling out(patches will be purple).
repeat 7 more times(This is what the Browning arsenal suggest on their chromed bore BAR sporting gas operated rifles).
Each time you will note less and less copper fouling.
Clean in one direction..toward bullet exit path.
Fire 2 shots, visual bore carefully, patch bore with solvent one more time.
Oil or silicone outside as required, if bore is chrome, you are done.
With each shot you should have been getting close, Install your favorite brake. Now you can sight it in exactly.
Try different brakes to see which works best for you if you can. Famously the Tabuk(Dragunov Sniper type)brake exits the muzzle flash out the sides allowing less turbulence for bullet exit, there are shorter but similar designs, but it's your call.
Your rifle will be much easier to clean for the rest of it's life.
Have fun. Take care.
Love Our Country.
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