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How much for a yellow box of Norinco steel core 7.62x39?

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Because yesterday I went to an auction and they sold a 1400 round case of Norinco steel core ammo for $200! And a 600 round tin of Russian 7.62x39 for $130!
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Eighter way that was a hell of a deal for 1400 rounds!!
sounds like a good deal!

i've never shot the 7.62x39, but back in the day my 223 ak would tear the norinco brass in half- it would only eject the back half of it, leaving a brass tube in the chamber and a nice solid jam for the next round. Keep an eye on it for the first couple of mags.
i usually see the norinco stuff selling for 10$ a box at gun shows
I almost cried because the deals were so good and I didn't have any money left. :sad: The only good deals I see anymore are at auctions.
Unless something has changed, the yellow-box Norinco is no longer imported (for years now) and any of it is collectible. It would be of value to cartridge collectors here & elsewhere. You may be able to get your investment back and then some if you check around with them before you shoot it all up (and it IS great ammo). This used to be sold for $88 a case SHIPPED before the Clintoons got into office and screwed everything up.

Just a suggestion ...
You regularly see this stuff selling for about $.50/round... That could be a $700 case you've got there!

I loved shooting rocks with the stuff because the sparks would be pretty fun to watch!

+1 on the $10 per box......I still have some left. :grin: At some shows I have seen it sell for a $1 per round on stripper clips.
I did not get the case. I didn't have enough money. That's why I'm pissed. :mad:
Last year I got 1000 rounds of Norinco yellow box and 800 rounds of German plastic core in blister packs, both in the original crates, from a guy on a jobsite. I gladly paid his asking price of $150 for all. He even helped me carry to my truck.
.50 cents a round bulk, 1.00 a round loosey or on stripper.
I have 3 wood crates of Norinco (White Box w/ Green Lettering) that was bought YEARS ago for $75/case. I've wondered what it was really worth for a long time. I went to a shoot a couple of years ago and was shooting it and was told not to shoot it (WTF?) because of it's value. People were actually giving me boxes of ammo to shoot because they didn't wanna see me shoot the stuff I had (again WTF?)... That was what it was bought for. It's supposed to be steel core but I've never checked to verify this. I know it's NOT corrosive though...
You guys should visit the Chinese section more often.....Last month I posted a place that had it for $229 still in the wooden crate! :grin:

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